From his very first job, Kevin Harvey has always worked in construction and building stores and offices. When you are that dedicated to your profession, you tend to practice it with a rare passion. A passion that sets you apart from the rest.


In 2008, Kevin got the chance to set out on his own with a contract from Sobey’s in Nova Scotia. With his background in the business, and always ready to accept the challenge of a new opportunity, the newly formed KP Harvey Construction soon became the go-to option for retail and office builds and renovations across Atlantic Canada.


The one-man operation quickly grew to a multi-disciplinary team of over 20 construction professionals, working from a fully-equipped warehouse and modern office. And the enviable client list grew to include a number of major food services franchisees, consumer goods retailers, commercial builders and REITs.


After moving to Southern Ontario, the company became Hark Construction and is now taking its place among the leading construction and renovation companies on Canada’s largest retail and office market.


Despite all the moves, the incredible growth and the trust of some of the biggest brands and businesses in the country, many things remain exactly as they were when Kevin first set out.

Be Professional

Some of the largest, most recognizable retailers and franchisers in Canada trust Hark Construction to build out their stores to standards that are faithful to their brands. Give us your plans and specs and we’ll take care of the rest.

Be Approachable

More than ever, office construction must meet the wide-ranging needs and realities of business owners and their workforce. High standards of quality, detail, fit and finish are crucial to make your office a place where your team is motivated to perform.

Be Open

From foundations to flat roofs, Hark Construction has managed the construction of leading retail and office complexes across Canada. We take full responsibility to deliver your complete construction project—to your specifications and expectations, or better.


Let us show you how we can make your next project better.

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"I am writing this review because of the expectational work and service I received from Kevin and his crew. My business partner and I can not thank you enough for taking such great care of our business and us."

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